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BenQ GH700 16MP Digital Camera

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BenQ GH700 16MP Digital Camera

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  • Brand: BenQ

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  • Shipping weight:1 Kg
  • Brand : BenQ
  • Series : GH Series
  • Model : GH700
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  • Months x 149 EGP

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Price of BenQ GH700 16MP Digital Camera in Egypt

Splendid by Day, Exquisite by Night
Designed to expand your photo opportunities, the GH700 gives you a remarkable 21x optical zoom and the BSI CMOS-enabled Handheld Night Shot Mode. Now, you can capture incredible moments from day to night without limits.


- High Performance
BenQ GH700 Digital Camera Egypt
Optical Zoom Lens

The GH700 combines high quality materials and innovative technology to provide revolutionary images. The aspherical lens adopted to enhance the lens’ focus is made of high transmission, low dispersion materials and a nano scale, anti reflection coating for exceptionally realistic colors and ultra sharp details.

- BSI CMOS Sensor
The back illuminated BSI CMOS sensor increases sensitivity by two times and minimizes the noise level by up to 50%, delivering stunning results in low light situations.

- High-Speed DSP
The GH700 features a high-speed, high efficiency digital signal processor (DSP) that enhances the processing speed by up to 30%. The ability to process high resolution images delivered by the BSI CMOS sensor enables the camera to deliver sharper and more refined images even when it's shooting speedy continuous shots at 10 shots per second or producing 60 frames per second 1080p Full HD videos.

- One Lens for Every Perspective: Far or Close
The GH700 comes with 21x optical zoom and 1cm Super Macro, so you can photograph objects with superb detail, even if it can't be seen clearly with the naked eye. Unravel the whole picture to see a more complete world.

- 21x Super Zoom
Capture views far or wide. The 21x optical zoom allows you to photograph objects that are further away without losing the details, while the 25mm wide angle lens enables you to include more of the scenery in a photo. With an ergonomic grip design and O.I.S, you can zoom in more steadily and produce sharper photos effortlessly.

- 1cm Super Macro
The lens on the GH700 is capable of taking 1cm macro shots with incredible detail. Get up close to flower blossoms or intricate textures without losing clarity. You can then marvel at the macro photos on the large 3” 460k LCD preview screen.

- Take Exceptional Photos Day and Night
Designed to capture more than the beauty of the day, the GH700 features a BSI CMOS sensor that allows you to shoot photos with exquisite quality even at night.

- Handheld Night Shot Mode
The BSI CMOS sensor and DSP together greatly lowers the noise level, enabling the GH700 to always deliver ultra sharp pictures even if you're shooting in dim environments or poorly lit subjects, or if you're shooting with 21x optical zoom at night. Press down the shutter button and the camera will make several exposures automatically and combine them into one single photo to give you vivid images each and every time. Plus, you won't even need a tripod!

BenQ Digital Camera

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GH Series






Digital Zoom

5 x

Optical Zoom

21 x


Effective Pixel

16 MP

Advanced Features

NightFraming System


Drive System

Burst Mode


Drive Mode

10 sec. / 2 sec. / Double / Off

LCD Display

LCD Type

3 "

Imaging Sensor

Imaging Sensor

Sony 16 Mega Pixels, 1/2.3 inch BSI CMOS




HD Output


PictBridge Compatible


USB Port(s)

Yes USB 2.0

Weights and Measurements


112.5 x 75.9 x 63.4 mm


370 g

Convenience Features

Red-Eye Reduction

Yes Red-eye Reduction

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