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SAMSUNG WB2000 10MP Digital Camera

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SAMSUNG WB2000 10MP Digital Camera

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  • Discontinued
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  • Brand : SAMSUNG
  • Series : WB
  • Carrying Case : No
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The Samsung WB2000 takes high-speed imaging to a new level with its full-size dual capture capabilities. No longer will you have to change devices, or even switch modes to shoot high-resolution stills and video. With the WB2000 you can record Full HD video (1920x1080p)
and even use the 5x optical zoom while shooting. Simultaneously, you can shoot 10 megapixel photos of whatever you are recording. When taking the stills, they appear as thumbnails at the bottom of the display so you can see what you've shot. For videos, the thumbnails are used as visual cues so you can quickly find the video you're looking for. What makes this all possible is Samsung's Innovative engine which allows the WB2000's high-speed CMOS sensor to process all of this data in real time. That way, you can shoot and save HD videos and stills all at the same time.


Full HD 1080p Movie Recording

Incorporating a 10 megapixel high speed CMOS sensor with the latest technology, the Samsung WB2000 compact camera can campture impressive 1920x1080p high-definition video. Another key benefit of the advanced CMOS sensor is that it enables the WB2000 to record high-definition video that's crystal clear, even under low-light conditions. So you can record the rich and vibrant colours of real life without missing any of the details.

High Speed Shooting
Just as impressive as the Dual Capture capabilities is the speed at which the WB2000 can shoot video and stills. For starters, the WB2000, has a powerful burst mode capable of capturing up to 10 full-size, 10 megapixel stills. If you're looking to take even more continuous shots, you can use the convenient pre-capture feature when shooting.
So even when you're shooting a fast-moving object, the WB2000 will capture details that your eye may have missed with this unique feature. Additionally, the WB2000 features a high speed video recording mode which can be used to reveal the smallest detail of a fast moving event in super-slow motion. Whether it is used to transform an everyday moment into something magical, or to analyse a golf swing, the WB2000's super-slow motion playback opportunities are endless.

Shed light on every memory you capture.
The WB2000 features a 10MP high-speed BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS Sensor which doubles the sensitivity of standard CMOS Sensors. You'll enjoy enhanced recording quality in areas with dim lighting thanks to a sensor that minimises noise and distortion, and eliminates image degradation. The result? Photos that are sharp, crisp and truly capture your vision—in brilliant HD.

Stay ahead of the game with pre-capture.
Are you always just a little late capturing that special moment? With the WB2000 pre-capture feature, you're ahead of the game. Simply half-press the shutter button and the WB2000 automatically archives photos taken slightly before the button is fully pressed. All you'll need to do is select the perfect shot.

Tell the whole story through panorama action.
Tired of having to back up to get the whole shot?Your view just got wider thanks to the WB2000 digital camera. Capture more moments with a panorama feature that lets you snap shots of your entire family  so no one's accidentally left out — or an awe-inspiring mountain range that you never imagined you could capture in one shot. You can even take multiple shots of wide scenes and bring them together to make one extra-large, super-wide image. The WB2000 gives you a deeper perspective on everything you see.

Seeing is believing.
Your viewing experience just got a lot more interactive with the WB2000's 3.0" Ultra Clear VGA AMOLED. Even under direct sunlight you can see your images in its screen which reduces glares from sunlight. Also you'll see darker blacks and True Colour brightness thanks to the AMOLED's 10,000:1 contrast ratio. The clear, sharp display looks great from any angle. And you get all of this without an LCD backlight – so it consumes less power. Go ahead, show off your masterpiece on the large, sleek 3” screen with VGA resolution

Take control. Seize the moment.
When it comes to capturing life's greatest moments on film, hit-or-miss just isn't good enough. That's why Samsung's Full Manual Control lets you capture those moments you might otherwise miss out on in auto mode. Aperture Priority makes sure your main subject stands out from its surroundings, Sutter Priority captures fast movements, and Manual Mode grants you complete control of the exposure.

Edit RAW files and express yourself.
The WB2000 was engineered to help you express yourself. Its Samsung converter program gives you the freedom to edit RAW files – files that contain uncompressed original data and are not yet processed – any way you want. Normally, images are processed and compressed into JPEG files using settings in the camera. But RAW file support gives you free reign. So whether its colour, exposure difference or resolution.






Carrying Case





Effective Pixel

10 MP


Mono / Mono

Noise Reduction


Advanced Features

Face Detection

Yes Face Detection

NightFraming System


Drive System

Burst Mode


LCD Display



Focus Control

AF Illuminator

No Auto Focus Illuminator


View Finder



PictBridge Compatible


USB Port(s)

Yes USB 2.0

Convenience Features


No Erase/Protect

Red-Eye Reduction


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