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E-learning Effective Performance Reviews

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E-learning Effective Performance Reviews E Learning

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Setting goals and objectives to aim for will give supervisors and employees a like focus, and targets to aim for. Supervisors must also learn how to give feedback, both positive and negative, on a regular and timely basis so that employees can grow and develop. Performance appraisals are the cumulating of all these activities.

What’s the difference between e-learning & other traditional learning? e-learning is knowing information and skills using a computer connected to the Internet, You can learn anytime and anywhere. It can be as rich and valuable as traditional training and learning processes. It can also provide better learning results at a lower cost, overcoming the boundaries of place & Time. What’s new about the methodologies of e-learning ? The learning method is based on a computer connected to the internet. You log in to our website and using a user name and password you access your courses. You will use a professionally costumed combination of Text, Presentation and examination process all brought to you just where you are. Will I receive Hardcopy materials, CDs or manuals ? There is no material to be taken; all the material needed is found online. Some of the material is downloadable; however it could be printed in high quality for further offline reading. Which browsers I should use to be able to view the courses properly? You could use any of the next most popular browsers (that should support flash too):
- Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
- Firefox 3.0 or higherr
- Chrome 3.0 or higher
- Safari 4.0 or higher /td>
What modem speed is recommended for these courses? The courses play through 28.8 Kb/s modems, 56 Kb/s is preferred. Of course, play is faster as internet speeds increase. Our courses are designed for highly efficient, real-time presentation with an average page size under 20 Kb.
Are there specific times for courses that I must be available for completing the courses? There are no fixed times for the courses. The courses are available 24/7. You can access it anytime from anywhere using your provided password and user name.
Is there an exam after completing a course? Yes, there are exams for every course with scored questions that you are being asked. When you finish the examination process you can see your score. You have to score above 70% in each exam to pass the course. If you score below 70% the system allows you to repeat the process.
How do I see my scores? The test shows you exactly how many questions you answered right, and how much you need to pass this exam.
Which course should I take first? You are free to study the courses with any order you choose.
Do I have to study and finish all the courses in the package to receive the certifications? Yes, you must complete all courses and pass all exams in order to receive your certification, in the same time, you have unlimited rehearsals & times to enter the exam till you pass.
Is there a time limit to finish the courses I’ve purchased? Yes, There is, You will have 6 months starting from the date your account is activated to pass all courses and finish all exams.
How do I start the courses? After we collect your payment, your account will be active after two or three working days. You will be receiving an e-mail with your username and password to access the courses. You can access your courses by visiting\elearning then click on "Login" button. Enter your username and password (as stated in the email sent).
What happens if I forget my password? just contact our customer support team and a password retrieve link will be sent on your registered e-mail.
Are the certificates' fees included in the package price? Yes, Certificate fees are included in the package price. You won’t be charged again for your certifications.
How do I subscribe/pay? -A. Cash: if this option is supported in your country, You can choose to contact us and we will collect the payment sum from almost anywhere , using local courier services.
-B. E-payment (Visa/Master Card): when filling the order, you will be asked about the method of payment. If you choose the online payment, there will be a form to fill online with your card details.
Refund Policy - Cancellation of Order -Order cancellation is available for (48 Hours) starting from the ordering date. If you cancel your order, We commit to completely return the exact paid amount. Refunds will be paid in cash by "elements" with any possible cash transfer method..
-You'll be asked to Proven your identity, and proven payment/e-payment receipt in order to complete the Return/Refund process..
-elements is not obliged to provide any Certifications of completion to the participant if the order is cancelled.
- elements is not obliged to provide any Certifications of completion to the participant if the order is cancelled.
- Refunds will be directed only to the original funding source, For example, an order funded via Credit Card will be issued a Refund to the account for the Card that was used to fund the order. An order funded via PayPal will be issued a Refund to the original PayPal account

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