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Navman F25 4.3" GPS

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Navman F25 4.3" GPS GPS Devices

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  • Bluetooth : No Bluetooth
  • Brand : Navman
  • FM Transmitter : No FM Transmitter
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With the F25 you get a lot for very little. Packed with all the features needed to navigate you to your destination safely, the F25 is for anyone who wants easy to use, powerful navigation at an affordable price. The F25 is equipped with SiRFInstantFixII GPS for a faster GPS connection and its crisp, flat touch screen features an intelligent Day/Night display. Compact, stylish design Easy to use Crisp clear map display on 4.3" touch screen.

The Navman F25 is the ideal travelling companion as it is equipped with features that make for accurate navigation – all in a slim, appealing package. For starters, this device is equipped with latest pre-loaded maps of Egypt. It also comes with points of interest that include hotels, gas stations, restaurants and many others. You can also do a full search of locations. All these are designed to enable users to drive through locations with no hassle.

Navman F25 GPS Sat Nav System has an outstanding design to suit any kind of car interiors.
NavmanF25 GPS System is loaded with advanced technology to beat any other product of its kind in the market. This system is meant for automobiles and has internal 3Dmappingfacilities.

This device is easy to operate while driving as it has a4.3in LCD display. It has 480 x 272resolutions and has touch screen input capability.

Voice navigation instructions are provided, that guides you to the right destination with functions like Current speed,Route Recalculation and Trip Timers.

Preloaded more than 72,000 POI Information
Get more out of your journey! With well-organized Points of Interests forEgypt,you can easily locate nearby recreation areas, landmarks,parking lots,gas stations and more.

One click photo navigation
Find a new place to go with photo navigation. Search and download free geotagged photos from FlickrT and navigate to them by tapping the photo on the screen.

Expandable Functionality with SD/MMC Memory Slot
SD/MMC memory card slot for additional maps and contents.

Turn-by-turn Guldance (Arabic Visual and voice guidance)
Never miss a turn with 3D indicators and auto-zoom views. Clear voice guidance lets you hear the directions so you can focus on the road With Clear turn-by-turn visual and voice guidance, getting from t point A to B is straightforward and hassle-free.

4.3'' Widescreen Display
4.3'' widescreen interface is highly responsive and ideal for browsing maps, viewing instructions and identifying street names
Powerful navigation goes widescreen with this stylish design. NAVMAN proudly introduces the new widescreen navigator with new SiRFInstantFixll for a faster GPS connection. The easy to read maps intuitive interface are for anyone who wants safe, powerful widescreen navigation at an affordable price.

Speed Limit Warnings
Drive safer with advanced visual and verbal speed warnings

Latest 20-channel SiRFstarIII GPS Receiver
The latest SiRFstarIII GPS receiver provides accurate navigation in challenging environments. Whether you are downtown or out in the countryside, trust SiRF star III to keep track of where you are.

Easy to Use and ready out of the Box
With an intuitive interface and large icons for data input and menu navigation, operating the F25 is easy and straightforward. Just turn it on and go!

Ready to go out of the box with preloaded maps, Points of Interests, and complete accessories. No configuration and experience required!



No Bluetooth



FM Transmitter

No FM Transmitter

MP3 player

Yes MP3 Player


480 x 270 Pixels


Yes Touchscreen

Internal Memory



Egypt (Preloaded)

Memory Slot





No Camera


Samsung 400MHz

Screen Size


Special Features

Free Lifetime Update


Yes Speaker



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