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Proline 1720p3015 Proline Basic

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Proline 1720p3015 Proline Basic

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Proline is your short-number, hotline IVR, or call-center solution in the cloud. Moreover, it is a revenue stream to monetize your expertise and sell your services to your clients while you make revenue for each minute you share your experience with your customers.

You will be able to create your own personalized intro, and navigation map [same as what you usually hear during a call to your bank, ISP,…etc.]
When you activate your Proline, you get access to your PLN control Panel to start configuring your line.

Proline is a cloud solution, where all you need is just to configure your Proline and create your intro, call navigation map, and we take care of the rest.

We established our platform and data-centers to take care of all the HW/SW required to guarantee a smooth and fast operation of your Proline.

All what you need to do is to configure your line on the PLN Control Panel and start receiving calls from your customers.

When will I get paid and how much?

Your first revenue payout will start by the end of your second month. Then you will get your revenues each month. Note that your payment will always accumulate however the minimum threshold is LE 100. i.e. you will get your revenues transferred to your bank account when it reaches LE 100.
you get your PLN [Proline Number] on Jan 2012
your fist revenue payment will be due at the end of Feb. 2012 and will cover Jan only.
You will get Feb. 2012 payment end of March 2012, and so forth.

How to calculate you revenues:
The model is based on a revenue share between all the involved parties [The GSM Operator, Airoffice and Your self]
Revenues are calculated based on the rounded minutes served. i.e. for a call duration of 24 Sec. it is calculated as full a min, and 68 sec. is calculated as 2 minutes.
The minute rate is LE 1.5 distributed as follows:
Operator takes a 50% cut out of the full revenue after the sales tax.
The rest of the amount of distributed as 75% goes to you and 25 goes to Airoffice.

Call Divert

Questions and Answers

SMS notifications

Call Divert

Distribute business calls to your team, based on specialty and purpose of calls
Divert calls to assigned specialists to Better serve your customers
Location Mobility for your team can be freely distributed and still able to receive calls wherever they are
Call Distribute can divert calls to mobile or land line
(Mobile + landlines supported for free)

Questions and Answers

Q&A Feature, is a very important feature where you can always stay intouch with your customers, even when you are not available to answer the call.

Users will be able to leave questions at your inbox where you can answer later on at your preferred time.
You will get notified by SMS everyday with the number of questions in your inbox.

SMS Notification

When you get questions through out the day and night we send SMS notification with an aggregate of the number of questions that awaits your reply.

We will send your customer SMS notification to his mobile as soon as you answer the question.

This way, you offer a premium service to your customers and helped in increasing your revenue

Working hours management

Pre-recroded audio messages

Business Image

Receive Calls Only When Ready

Plan when you and each one of your team is available to receive calls. Callers will listen to a message when is the soonest time they can call. So, no more late night or weekend calls.
you can manage your available times directly using the Proline control panel


Audio Files Streaming

You can save time and effort on many of the FAQs and create some audio messages where users can listen to. For example a description of a product, or may be your business address and office hours.

Business Image

With Proline you give your business the image you always dream of at a very affordable cost:
You get your unified short code with a branded message of your own
You offer premium features like call divert and Q&A together with the SMS notification.

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