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15 Results found for Sony Mobiles Egypt

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15 Results found for Sony Mobiles Egypt

Sony Mobiles: powerful mobiles & latest Technology

sony company, one of the most major company in the world ,which manufacture laptop, tablet PS & smartphone ... recently, sony focused on mobile ... they have precognition for the future, because they believe in mobiles become Necessities of life for most of people released Xperia Series to compete other manufactures of mobiles ..they named models with Psychology name such as tipo , miro & other name

NOW sony have variety of different mobiles..from the most powerful mobiles like Xperia Z1 to the cheapest mobiles like tipo...all sony mobiles comes with android OS

in October 2013,Sony released high-end Android smartphone called sony Xperia Z1 with latest Technology... water resistant, 20.7MP megapixels camera ,full HD screen & more

sony mobiles in Egypt

 in Egypt sony mobiles available with Reasonable prices...Egyptian people Confident in sony as a brand ,so they are keen to buy sony mobiles

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